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High Heeled Bowling Shoes For Ladies' Pins


I'll admit it. As a high school miscreant, I absconded with a pair of bowling shoes. They're patriotic (red, white, and blue leather), massive (my fault for wearing a size 13), and they still get lots of attention 20 years later.  Since I wear them on the street, I can't use them in a bowling alley anymore -- and since they're designed to slide, they're horrible footwear for winters in Chicago. Their kitsch construction has a sort of awkward timelessness to it -- that is to say that fashions may come and go, but nothing else looks like a bowling shoe.

Bentover2 Striking Products shares my dress sense, but has adapted the unexplored "rental shoe aesthetic" to a ladies' style. The Ohio company is offering a high-heeled number styled just like a bowling shoe. They're not actually intended for bowling (I don't think that high heels would help a player aim and deliver a 12 pound ball), but what a great way to show your affection for the sport when you're away from your local alley. We can all agree that bowling is sexy, but who knew it was this sexy?

Incidentally, whenever anyone tries to make me feel guilty over my having liberated bowling alley footwear, I point out that when you fork over your $2 there's no actual contract specifying how long you intend to use the shoes.  So whenever anyone points down to my gigantic bowling shoes and asks, "stolen?" I smile and reply, "Nope. Long-term rental."

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