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Hindustan Ambassador: On The Road For 50 Years


Russian RT reader Alexander Prihodko writes, "Hindustani Ambassador is the exact copy of Oxford Morris 1948 and is still produced in India. I'm tired from my Ford Focus and was looking for something vintage. I found this but delivery and customs to Russia is very expensive."

The Hindustan Motors Ambassador has been in production since 1957 - over half a century. It was the first car to be manufactured in India and has become iconic as "India's car." It has been surpassed by modern designs from Tata and other manufacturers, but they're still found everywhere and spare parts abound.

It's a fairly basic vehicle that has been gradually updated throughout the decades. The current version features an interior that looks like it belongs in a mid 1980s econobox. It's powered by an Isuzu-built 1.8L 4-cylinder OHC engine that puts out 74 bhp at 5000 rpm and is capable of 90 mph. The base model omits niceties such as a rear window defroster or CD player.


In an interesting historical twist, the Ambassador has been imported into the UK since 2002 by Merlin Garages and is available in two trim levels. The base model starts at £9,500 ($19,000) and the upgraded £11,000 Hindustan Oxford features a curvy dashboard, leather upholstery, power steering, additional soundproofing, two tone paint and other niceties. They're not particularly cheap, but one of these is guaranteed to draw a crowd.

Merlin Garages - UK Importer
The official Ambassador Showroom


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