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NES Console Hack Fits Inside Nintendo Cartridge


A sculptor can look at a piece of raw marble and see the sculpture within.  A painter sees limitless possibilities in a blank canvas.  Then there are those modern craftsmen who see the massive bulk of a classic NES game as a work of art waiting to happen.

Kotomi's project fits an entire functioning NES into an old Super Mario cartridge.  I imagine that this mod started with one of the many Nintendo on a chip pirate clones out there.  All the necessary connections are there (the NES' original controller ports are replaced by the pirate Famicom's more compact versions), Smb5and all neatly tucked into this amazing and compact package. 

As it is right now, this mini console only plays Japanese Famicom carts - not American NES carts (which would just look odd).  Most of the pirated games are on Famicom style carts anyway - like the not-at-all-legit Super Mario 5 pictured here.  Talk about version number inflation.

Monthenor's Nintendo hack harnesses the mythic custom of blowing into a NES cart.  HarmonescaInstead of making the cart work better, you'll be making music.  His website includes details on the surprisingly simple hack to install a harmonica in the business end of a NES cartridge.  If Guitar Hero isn't your speed, you can puff out "Arkansas Traveler" on your harmoNESica while accompanied by your MIDI enabled NES.

How long before someone fits both projects into one cart?  It'll be the spittiest Famicom hack ever.

[via engadget]

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