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Super 8 Projector Kit: Now Shipping Worldwide

Gakken Super 8
Gakken's new 8mm movie projector kit [first mentioned in March] is now available for export from Retro Enterprises in Tokyo. The unit costs € 79.99 ($125) including worldwide shipping, English instructions, an empty take-up reel and bonus splicing tape.

Gakken Super 8 kitIt will project Super 8, Single-8 and Regular 8mm film and runs on three AA batteries. Best of all, this thing is extremely small -- it measures a mere 21.5 cm high and weighs a only 190 g. Don't expect a huge image or perfect quality from this kit - it's hand cranked with a white LED light source, after all. That said, it looks perfect for art installations and crazy steampunk modding. 

The staff at Retro Enterprises speaks English and German and has many years of experience with small format film. They're also home to the only independent Single-8 processing lab in the world and stock dozens of beautiful Single-8 and Super 8 cameras and supplies.

Gakken Hand-cranked portable projector [Retro Enterprises]


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