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Tiffany Lava Lite - A Classy Take On A Groovy Classic

Lava_tiffany Even though I'm not exactly the right age, I've always loved Lava Lites. Maybe it's their omnipresence in spy-fi classic "The Prisoner", or maybe it's just because they're still really cool.  They've become a prominent symbol/cliche of the 60's & 70's. Watch any TV show that flashes back to those decades and invariably someone will have a Lava Lite going - possibly wreathed in some "special" smoke.

I've got a couple in my office, including a big three footer. They used to be really hard to find (even though they were once made right here in Chicago), but over the last few years they've become commonplace and quite affordable. Lava Lites are again a standard among students, artists, and pretty much every video edit room I've been in over the past ten years.

This Tiffany-esque Lava Lite takes the same classic silhouette, but dolls it up for Sunday dinner.Our aging baby boomer friends can Lava_blob_lampagain embrace the groovy vibe of a Lava Lite while even fitting it in among a collection of classy antiques. There's a Tiffany-style pattern, as well as a mosaic that captures the shape of the usual blob of lava.

It's an interesting idea to find other ways to explore the iconic and historic shape of the Lava Lite, though nothing beats the original burbling masterpiece.

Get your own Tiffany style Lava Lite
Another design with the cool lava pattern

Unusual soft drink in lava lite shaped bottle

Want to help solve a lamp mystery?
Psychedelic lava lite offspring


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