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Unreleased Infocom Sequel To "Hitchhiker's Guide" Game Found


A lot of people get misty-eyed over those great Infocom computer games from the 80's.  Even more people are hopped up over anything to do with the superlative "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" comedy/sci-fi/novel/radio play/BBC series/text adventure/movie.  Adams was fascinated with interactive computer gaming since he first laid eyes on Zork, and the Infocom game he helped create based on Hitchhiker's was an instant classic of 80's computing.

As the intervening decades whip by, we pass the author's unfortunate death, the unfortunate Hitchhiker's feature film, and we come to April of '08.  Dont_panicThrough mysterious circumstances, an original hard drive from Infocom surfaced last month (I imagine that it was locked in a basement filing cabinet bearing a sign, "beware the leopard"), and on it is a playable bit of the unreleased sequel to the hit Hitchhiker's Guide game.

The game is called Milliways; named after The Restaurant at the End of the Universe from the novel of the same name.  Following the link below you can download the file and the emulator necessary to run the game on a modern computer.  You can also read the lengthy account of the struggle to get Milliways started.  There wasn't much gameplay in place at this point in development - really the story is more about  Infocom's behind-the-scene machinations, punctuated with email exchanges off of the recovered hard drive.  It's a typical story of the collision of creative minds and bureaucracy, not unlike Adams' typical brand of absurdist adventure.

The Milliways game file
A JAVA emulator confirmed to run Milliways
The original Waxy.org post that broke the story

20 years of Infocom's Hitchhiker's Guide


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