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Yazoo: 80's Synthpop Is Back With Five Disc Box Set


For many of us, Yazoo (or "Yaz" in the U.S.) was the infectious beat intro to electronic music in the early 80's.  I still get charged up when I hear that synth swell that starts up "Don't Go".  The duo of Allison Moyet and Vince Clark (Depeche Mode, Erasure) used their new sound to create all-time classic pop music.  The band only ever released two albums, but that raw analog sound and relentless dance beat continues to be a big influence on electronic musicians today.

YascdcoverBoth landmark albums are being re-released as 5.1 remixes in this CD box set.  Also included are two discs of rarities and remixes, and a DVD with new videos as well as other hidden treasures.  For those of you who are DJ's, many of the singles are being reissued as 12" vinyl.  If you'd rather be your own DJ, the music is being parceled out as digital downloads as well.

You also have a chance to see the pair back in action on their Yazoo:Reconnected worldwide tour this summer, with live concert CD to follow.

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