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Arcade Classic "Dragon's Lair" Turns 25


This week is the (deep breath) twenty fifth anniversary of Dragon's Lair. For those of you who didn't grown up near the bowling alley in my hometown, Dragon's Lair was a stand-up arcade game that didn't use video graphics - it used full motion cartoons for gameplay. Animation by Don Bluth's studio lived inside the cabinet on laserdisc, a radical departure from gaming of the era.

Dragon's Lair has been released on practically every computer/console/video device ever made, totaling up to nearly 60 ports of the game trying to capture the full animation of the arcade original. Bat_attackRecently Digital Leisure remastered the game in HD from the original film elements - the first time a Dragon's Lair port has looked better than the original. We'll have a review as soon as I can hoodwink someone into letting me take over their Blu-ray player.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this remarkable game, Digital Leisure is offering 25% off of Dragon's Lair on their website today - all copies of Dragon's Lair HD will be signed by the creators of the original game. Visitors to digitalleisure.com can sign up for a drawing to win a fine-art print of the opening castle scene. Today is the end of the 25th anniversary week specials, so visit Digital Leisure now if you're interested.

Dragon's Lair 25th Anniversary Info

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