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Chrome Dalek Invites Cylons To Bring It


We've always got robots on the brain, so it should be no surprise to see our friends the Daleks again.  Strictly speaking Daleks are cyborgs not robots, but they remain cyborgs that are unreasonable and grumpy enough to match the meanest robot you've ever met.  With the blockbuster return of Doctor Who to the airwaves, the quality of tie-in merchandise has gone through the roof.  There was always a trickle of toys and collectibles (many were surprisingly shabby) for show's original TV run, but never have these classic characters looked as good as now.

GoldendalekProduct Enterprises concentrates on models from the first 26 years of the show, and in this case models the Doctor's deadliest enemy as they appeared in their oft-forgotten 1960's feature film debut.  Movie Daleks have a claw arm rather than the famous toilet plunger, and have a more robust build overall.  This impressive 12" remote control Dalek model is no exception.  The spaceship-shaped remote controls the Dalek as its head scans left & right all while barking out phrases from the movie.

The chrome version above was a special edition of only a thousand, while the gold version pictured here has only 49 comrades in its ranks.  You can get a variety of other livery colors (sorry... "colours"), but expect to pay a premium price as this is more of a model than a toy.  Daddy Davros must be quite proud of his chromium kiddies.

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