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Dual Turntable Setup For 1950s DJs


Okay so you kids think that you invented everything, right? You go to your Armistice Day parties and bring a DJ coffin with a pair of Technics 1200 turntables to turn out the jams, right? You think that you disco kids invented those? Nuh-uh.

Here are some classic "wheels of steel," back when they actually were made of steel! These date back to the mid 50s and were meant for - of all things - home movie night. This way you could seamlessly transition from one music selection to another. Or, if you were really slick, you could play music on one turntable and cue up sound effects on the other.

Sometimes one of the turntables was also a recorder. You can tell because one of the tables will have a separate second tonearm for recording, or the main arm will be especially big and heavy for cutting acetate. You could create a custom narration disc, or pre-cue some sound effects.

I doubt they did a lot of turntablist tricks back then, but when the projector was tucked back in the closet I'll bet you could spin a lot of nice polka parties. Yeah, and I bet you kids think that you invented polka too.  Yeesh.

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