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Novelty Necktie With A Saucy Secret


I mostly work at home, so I'm not part of the necktie and starched collar set.  A few weeks ago I had a formal job interview, and I realized that very few of my ties are "legit".  My dresser drawer is choked with novelty neckwear that would do little indeed to boost my professional image.

Peeking The worst one is this aggressively polyester 70's number.  Let's put aside that it's the size of a sleeve, has a plasticky sheen, and that it sports a "Rockford Files hired goon" pattern.  Flip it over and you can spot the tie's secret.  There's a nude lady with a drawn sword living in my tie, and I can't tell if she's happy about it or not.

I should really stop being surprised at the odd places that naked ladies show up.  I just don't know whom this tie is really intended for.  Guys who work at the nudie Fotolab?  Hard journalists (heh) who write for Penthouse Letters?  I suppose it's exciting to walk around the office knowing that a nude woman is hanging from your neck, but the risk of getting a note from HR seems enormous.Necktieafter

So here's what I learned; once you're on the job by all means bust out the kooky cravats.  Just make sure you have enough "grown-up" ties so you can make it through the interview in the first place.


nudie cutie barware
Beefcake glasses from the Sugar Shack
Manneken Pis drink decanter with a surprise


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