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Rebirth of the Whizzer Ambassador Motorcycle

Whizzer Ambassador
The $1995 Whizzer Ambassador is an updated version of the company's top-of-the-line motorized bicycle design from 1951. The original was finished with a full-size frame, glass black finish, ivory trim and lots of chrome. It was Whizzer's most expensive product, selling for $249.50.

The modern version features an Aluminum 138cc single cylinder 4-stroke motor, electric start, front and rear mechanical disc brakes, 26" x 3" front and rear wheels and belt drive. It has a maximum speed of 40 mph and is street legal in the USA, although the lack of pedals might force you to register it as a motorcycle rather than a moped in some jurisdictions. Best of all, this unique bike gets 90 mpg.

The original company stopped making parts for their bikes in 1965. It took over three decades before the Whizzer name was revived in 1998 and Whizzer USA Inc. began to offer the new NE5 range of retro-style motorized bicycles capable of reaching speeds of 25 mph. It's great to see them expanding their product line, and I'm sure the Whizzer Ambassador will turn heads wherever it goes.

Visit Whizzer USA for full details
Video of an Ambassador in action [YouTube]


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