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Complete NES + Screen Hacked Into Cartridge


A while back we wrote about a Famicom that was ingeniously hacked to fit inside an NES cartridge. Great. Exciting. I never expected a project like that to be bested. A few days ago "Darkeru" posted on Ben Heckendorn's console hacking forum about his project. Not only did he fit the Famicom guts inside a cart, he was able to fit the controller and a screen in as well.

Granted, this hack doesn't play carts. It relies on the games already burned into the Nintendo-on-a-chip setup that powers the whole thing. The creator adds that it wasn't a very difficult hack - most of the work was in positioning the innards just to right to fit inside the old NES cart. 

I like this project a lot, and it make me wonder what I've been waiting for. Then again I might get in trouble if I had this ingenious bit of hackery lying around.  I could see myself spending hours trying to figure out how to plug the system into itself.

Forum post with more pictures

Famicom system fits inside NES cart (also hacking in a harmonica!)
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