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Delft Ceramic Style Cross-Stitch Mantle Clock


I've never been into ornate and elaborate clocks - and that's not just because I'm always late. Even though I'm clearly fond of crazy mechanical stuff, I've never really been a fan of Grandfather clocks for example. I've seen them most when awarded to alarmed frat boys on The Price Is Right, but even in person they just strike me as just a little too much.

Delftclock There's an unusual brand of white Delft porcelain clock that some folks have on their mantles. Delft porcelain is a Dutch specialty - blazing white porcelain with art brushed on in a deep blue. Clearly this is what the above craft project is meant to evoke... but in cross-stitch!  This is such a weird collision of ideas that I just don't know how to feel.

When I think of cross-stitch, I think of Kleenex box covers for sale at church craft fairs. I also would never have thought of cross-stitch as being a good way to try to reproduce the delicate lines of Delft porcelain (though it does end up looking a bit like Atari graphics in the translation). So it's a cloth interpretation of Dutch ceramics ensconced in American cabinetmaking as featured in a 1989 (gasp!) craft magazine.

I'm so confused, I'm going to have a lie down. If you are crafty enough to take this on, you can email me for the pattern.


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