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Guerilla Drive-In Movies

Vroom! Just don't watch movies while you're driving.

I have a confession to make.  I've never been to a real drive-in movie. It's not entirely my fault as they are getting more and more difficult to find these days. I've been fortunate enough to know enough film collectors that delight in showing off their 16mm treasures in backyards and parking lots. So despite never going to a bona-fide outdoor movie theater, I've enjoyed lots of movies under the stars.

It used to take some determination to put together a screening party. Not only did you need a film projector and a source of power, you'd need to dig up an actual feature film. 16mm prints of contemporary features became less and less common by the 80's, so many of these screening parties ended up showing a lot of forgotten classics.

ParkinglotdriveinWhen hassle-free LCD projectors hit the scene in a big way a few years ago, there were many underground rumblings of people getting together to watch projected DVD's of newer films. A certain amount of secrecy was necessary because movie companies don't like when large groups of people get together to watch a movie rather than paying through the nose to sit in the cineplex. That's always been one of those quizzical things... movie companies make millions selling DVD's to consumers, other companies do well selling LCD projectors, but when we use both together that's when the trouble starts.

There are lots of these somewhat secret groups that put on clandestine impromptu drive-in movies. Once you know the secret handshake (I'm barely kidding), you'll get an email or a text message notifying you of the time and place of the drive-in - often that same day!.  The location can be an old warehouse, a rooftop, or the side of a garage somewhere. LCD technology makes it easy to enjoy a high quality film presentation just about anywhere.

Driveinmarqueemini_2 I especially admire the gent who shows movies via an honest-to-goodness projector mounted in the sidecar of his 1977 BMW motorcycle (pictured above). This is the way that I'd do a drive-in event of my own - except that I don't have a really cool motorcycle. I don't have anything against LCD projection, but for me a big part of the experience is seeing a forgotten old movie projected from a good-quality print. Besides, how else could I share my massive non-DVD collection of 16mm educational movies from the 50's?

I know that our readers are scattered across the globe (as are the RT editorial staff for that matter...), but how many of you would want to come to an outdoor movie night in Chicago? I'll even bring the hot dog machine.

Mobmov.org - a listing of many mobile drive-in groups around the world.
Guerilla Drive-In - lots of fun for our readers in Westchester, PA.

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