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Bob Moog on YouTube

Ever since we lost electronic music visionary Bob Moog in 2005, the Bob Moog Foundation has been working to preserve and share Moog's legacy. They recently opened their own YouTube channel. The videos available now offer remembrances of Moog and his work by modern masters of synthesis. After watching a few of these videos you can see the kind of impact Moog's inventions had, and the many ways that he touched both co-workers and friends.

Since so many of Moog's inventions were happening at the same time as the video revolution, I hope that the Foundation will use the channel to share rare and unseen videos of Bob at work, notable performances, and perhaps some of the personal insights such as those he shared in the 2004 tribute film that bears his name.

We've linked the Moog YouTube channel below, as well as the link to Moog's official MySpace page where you can pick up the Mooged Out tribute CD.

Moog Foundation YouTube channel
Official Moog Foundation MySpace page with tribute CD
Buy the Moog tribute film on Amazon
Pick up the film soundtrack

Moog Little Phatty Synth
Moog Voyager: a modern vintage synthesizer
Learn more about the Theremin
Bob Moog commemorative vinyl figure


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