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Child's Toy Phone With Ancient "Dial" Numeric Entry System

Wallphone Even though I was a boy (and presumably still am), one of the toys I longed for most was a telephone. Why play phones were a "girl" thing, I've never understood.  As a kid it was pretty rare that I got to use the phone, and of course they were wonderful. My walkie talkies only reached across the yard - but with a phone you could call sItringsitdialsomeone two streets away! The ring of the phone had the power to stop all household activity, the dial was mysterious, I even found the coily cord fascinating.

These days of course kids have phones in their rooms - or perhaps that has been supplanted by every kid having a real working cell phone of their own. Genuine worldwide communication is within reach of every child - but we just had to pretend with chintzy plastic fakes like this 1960's turquoise number right here.

That's not to disrespect the Banner Toys # 7011 play phone. It's a very good kid-sized replica, and it even has a bell inside that rings when you spin the dial. This particular toy adheres to the wall via suction cups (and we all remember how well those worked...), which in my house would meant sticking the phone to the fridge. Not a place my mother would have invited endless pretend blathering.

Matronphone My favorite thing about this particular phone is the packaging. It's so unlikely that this cardboard header would still be attached after all these years. The packaging extols the virtues of phones and suction cups, but it also has an illustration of an oddly misshapen red-eyed grandma using a giant clown-sized phone. I thought it was a "child's wall phone", not "vaguely concerned matron's distended handset". Thank goodness that toy companies have marketing teams and focus groups to put a stop to nightmare fuel like this.


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