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Retro Space: 21st Century Arcade Done Right

Retro Space

Martijn Koch's Retro Space pays homage to arcade cabinets of yesteryear.

ComputerspaceHe explains, "I created Retro Space especially to honour the design of the first ever arcade cabinet (1971's Computer Space). The perfect machine to mark the end of the marvelous time in gaming history." He proudly points out that Retro Space is equally at home in a 1970s retro room or your minimalist mansion.

The cabinet features arcade-quality Sanwa joysticks and buttons mounted on a sleek anodized aluminum control panel. The layout supports classic 1 & 2 person games (there's even a trackball) and includes over 100 licensed arcade classics and a suite of emulators. Retro Space also functions as an HD media jukebox that's equally at home with your music collection and 1080p video playback on its 24-inch 1920x1200 monitor.

Now this is how I envisioned the 21st century when I was a kid. More pix after the jump.

[Update: The manufacturer reports receiving hundreds of information requests. They anticipate a price between 5000 - 6000 euros ($7,350 - $8,800), which puts it solidly out of reach for this starving retro blogger.]

Retro Space Arcade Cabinet [thanks, Blanka Jansen]

Build the $150 Retro Thing 'MAME Brain'

Retro space controls

Retro space arcade cabinet


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