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Retrospective: Windjammers for the NeoGeo and NeoGeo CD

Summer isn't quite over yet, here in the northern hemisphere, so let's celebrate it like true geeks should. The Summer Olympics are no fun! We need a weird retro Japanese sports game! We need Windjammers on the NeoGeo and NeoGeo CD (also known as Flying Power Disc in Japan)!


For some reason the only sports that truly appeal to me are ones that never seem to make it into the mainstream like dodgeball or Frisbee (disc) golf. Windjammers features one such kind of sport. It's called Frisbee (saucer) tennis or 10-S and, yes, it actually exists.

The rules, as seen in Windjammers, are quite simple. Two people face off in a tennis-like court with soccer-like goals sitting behind them. They simply must throw the Frisbee into their opponent's goal. The players trade off catching each others goal attempts until a goal is made or the disc is dropped resulting in points awarded.

The game's tutorial will quickly teach you how to slide, receive, lob, throw and curve shot. The game allows you to pick your character from athletes of varying ethnicities and speed/power stats. The differing courts you'll be playing on actually affect the game. Hidden slightly more beneath the game's surface is the fact that each character has a unique special superhuman throw. Fans of the Super Dodge Ball series will be familiar with this game rather quickly.


Whether playing versus the computer or another player, Windjammers is quite fast-paced and filled with plenty of dramatic and devastating one-upmanship. You may want to play with friends who aren't prone to punching you in the shoulder because this game will test what kind of sportsman you are!

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Bonus Games!:
Japanese PC doujin soft games, clearly inspired by Windjammers, known as Crazy Power Disc and Crazy Power Disc Perfect can be found here.


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