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80's Car Alarm Fakeout: Could It Still Work Today?

There are two kinds of security; the physical and the psychological. Physical are devices like locks and bolts. Psychological is posting a “Beware of Leopard” sign when there is, in fact, no leopard handy.

Nametag_mini I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but the Studio Spec 'Disguise' Car Alarm model # ARM123 is pure psych out. The box mounts on your car (where?) with the totally inadequate included double sided tape. Press three of the keys at the same time to start a little red LED flashing. Press them again to turn it off.  Not very much to it at all, really.

Stickers To finish off the illusion, the package also includes a pair of hexagonal octagonal silver stickers. They don't say “alarm” or “stop” or anything; they're just silver. The manufacturer bears the impressive name Alliance Research Corporation, so I guess at AR labs determined that some silver stickers and a flashing red LED are enough to - according to the package - “scare off potential burglars”. 

While this product has the complexity of a Radio Shack children's kit, it might actually work as a deterrent. Perhaps a car thief upon seeing the blinking light might skip over your car instead of taking a chance that you have an actual alarm that's less cheesy than the toy keypad? Hopefully no thieves that read Retro Thing know where I live and know that I drive a blue '91 Corolla now equipped with a blinking red light & a keypad. Whoops.


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