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The Wittnauer Watch Only A Thick Furry Wrist Could Love


Back when self-actualized men were going for the sasquatch look, big bulky watches were in fashion. For those of us with skinny wrists, a massive timepiece doesn't help us look any more manly. My friend refers to this Wittnauer as my Ted Baxter watch, as it looks like the sort of machismo symbol that the puffed-up TV character from the Mary Tyler Moore Show would go for.

Unbelievably I got this beauty for free when I was selling off some old coins. I took pity on the worn old watch sitting forgotten and alone in a dusty display case. The owner said that he'd had it for years and years, and had never been able to sell it. I was the first person who'd liked it in decades so he simply gave it to me.

Face I recognized the name Wittnauer as they have been making watches for over a century. The dinged up timepiece keeps good time despite clearly having a few stories to tell, but the watch held a surprise for me. It has a built in alarm. I'd never had a wind up wristwatch with a mechanical alarm in it. At the right time, the watch lets off an insect-like buzz. I don't think that it's loud enough to wake a person from a sound sleep, but on your wrist the creepy vibration and sound is going to get your immediate attention. Unpleasantly.

The massive design elements are what interest me most about the watch. Usually I'm not fond of bulk, but just look at the giant watch face – even the pips that mark every hour are huge (click the picture at the top of this post for a better view)! Somehow all of these traits I normally dislike have come together in just the right way. And let's face it... if you were to pit one of today's giant blinged out watches in the ring against mine, I'm sure that this bulldog of a Wittnauer will take the day. No wonder that people are still paying a couple hundred bucks for old giant watches like this one.

Quarter Since this Wittnauer has got all that room to spare, you'd think that perhaps they'd have built in room for a battery, or a self-winding mechanism. I guess those concepts are way too wimpy. Unfortunately I just have to man-up and remember to keep this monster wound, otherwise I lose the date – and the configuration of the crowns make setting the calendar a real task. I'm just grateful that it measures my wimpy life in regular hours and minutes, rather than some sort of “macho tempo” that I could never live up to.


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