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Alarming 1940's College Hazing 16mm Home Movie

Back when I started thrifting, I scoured shelves for old home movies and home made audio recordings. I had this dream that I could somehow marry the two in an intriguing way. Phil Nohl has shared several films of this kind on YouTube, and shows just how downright interesting the results can be. The video above is particularly revealing. It combines a home audio recording of “Sweet Georgia Brown” with 16mm home movie footage of the secret world of 1940's college hazing.

I love films like this that show the many ways that the past isn't always different than today - despite what your parents might say. In this two and a half minute film, you can see that:

  • Young people are still quizzically drawn to groups that require surviving a brutal hazing.
  • If you're doing the Hula in granny panties, you're gonna have to really sell me on the project.
  • Frat guys are way too into paddling other guys' hinders.
  • Egg shampoos aren't a new idea.
  • Nothing caps off an evening of ritualistic abuse better than burning a joint with your new frat brothers (and what's with their “up periscope!” style of smoking?).

Phil Nohl's YouTube page where you can watch the movie in higher quality


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