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Air-Conditioner Shaped "Air-Cooler" That Neither Conditions Nor Cools The Air


We're getting to the chilly time of year when I reluctantly pull the air conditioners out of the windows as a sign that the cold weather is on its way. It's time to put away all the finger choppers... I mean “table fans”.. as well. I have a couple of antique fans, but don't run them often as they are both dangerous and devour lots of electricity. When I found this little fan, I thought that I was in luck - a tiny safe fan that runs off C cells could be handy, and it's toylike touches are kind of cute.

Controls The imaginatively named “Air-Cooler” is styled to look like an air conditioner from the 60's or 70's (if the box is any clue to go by).  The decal on the front looks like the controllers on a real window A.C. (what is MSED supposed to mean?) A pair of switches turn the fan on and off, and for something so small and plastic it makes a real racket! 

The Air-Cooler has a pretty simple job, but it's not actually very effective. It might be the right size to perhaps cool an elbow. Sure it moves air, but not much of it - and it's just so darned loud! Combine that with the searingly bright red light on the front, and you've got a fan that is never going to perch on a windowsill anywhere.

It's certainly a weird little device. I guess that a child with overheated dolls or teddy bears might find the Air-Cooler the right size for keeping toys cool. Just don't expect any human-sized relief.


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