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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Domino Rally - Glow In The Dark Ghost Ride

Topping elaborate domino setups has always been a popular way to get into the record books, especially as more and more crazy stunts became part of the "sport". In the late 80's Pressman introduced Domino Rally, a somewhat simplified toy version of toppling dominoes, and including lots of goofy stunts that would otherwise be hard for a kid to try to achieve.

The kits shared an aspect of Lego - the more sets you bought, the larger and more elaborate your creations could be. Pressman would update the line from time to time with themed sets, and the Ghost Ride with glow in the dark pieces was my favorite. With lots of playfully macabre stunts, there was always something spooky going on.

Unfortunately, Domino Rally pieces were more of a challenge to work with than traditional dominoes. They were much smaller and hollow. Add to this that there was frequently a molding seam around the thin edge making standing one up a delicate exercise. They remedied this somewhat by including some dominoes that were permanently attached to short lengths of track (a great idea, especially for difficult to manage curves), but it was even easier to accidentally spoil all your work thanks to the unstable nature of Domino Rally pieces.

It's still worth it to power through the frustration and build a course - especially if you have a video camera or three. I was lucky enough to find a well-shot video on YouTube featuring the Ghost Ride set.  It reminds me that I have several of these sets I've collected over the years. Sounds like it's time to clear off the kitchen table and have some slightly morbid toppling fun. Is it just me, or does everyone love the sound dominoes make as they whir to the ground?

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