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The Infinite Pockets Of The Banana Man

When television hit big, variety show producers plundered the vaudeville stages for unusual and visual acts for the small screen. Many of these acts were finely honed after many years and countless performances, but after one appearance on television before millions their real-life audiences dwindled. Most that couldn't adapt or update their material disappeared forever.

Then there are those acts that one can see a hundred times and still find delight. One such performer is the Banana Man. He could produce innumerable objects from his pockets, all while accompanied by his odd falsetto humming. You may remember him from his appearances on the children's show "Captain Kangaroo", and the piles and piles of bananas he left behind.

The black and white clip at the top of this article is from a 1934 film short. Somehow the vigor of youth makes the Banana Man's routine even more manic and odd. Then make sure to check out this performance in color from more than 30 years later. The routine is mostly the same with a slightly less frantic pace, but with some great new additions.

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