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“Chasing Ghosts” Retro Video Gaming Documentary On Showtime


A couple of high profile documentaries about the classic video game era have passed before our eyes in recent years. So far these celluloid treatments of our favorite phosphorescent video relics have been very good. “King of Kong” has become one of my favorite documentaries (though there are serious questions about the accuracy of some of the events as depicted in the film). While that film discusses a modern day fight on a classic gaming battleground, “Chasing Ghosts” puts you right back into the 80's with the titans of gaming in the glory days.

“Chasing Ghosts” has been touring film festivals to much success, and next month you can catch the documentary on the Showtime cable network (the movie is not yet available on DVD). Posted below is the broadcast schedule – now I just have to find a friend who will turn off the Atari long enough to let me watch his cable TV.

Dec 3     Showtime Next              8:45 AM             
Dec 4     Showtime Showcase     7:30 AM               
Dec 5     Showtime Too             3:00 AM             
Dec 7     Showtime Next           11:45 AM               
Dec 9     Showtime Showcase    11:45 AM


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