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Leipzig Is Calling

The music industry exists in a peculiar time warp where quality analog machines are coveted like diamonds. The Analogue Solutions Leipzig synthesizer is a case in point. This little monophonic gem would be completely at home in the mid-1970s. It offers classic "pure analogue voice circuitry," with a Moog-style filter and a pair of voltage controlled oscillators. The only thing that gives away its modern heritage is the MIDI interface with its integrated LCD. Not that MIDI is exactly new or groundbreaking these days, I admit.


The secret to its warm sound is the extensive use of discrete transistors, resistors and capacitors. There are no fancy DSP chips lurking within. In fact, the only ICs you'll find in the signal path are op-amps and transconductance amps. The bloody thing's built like a tank, too. The case is 1.2mm steel with solid wood end panels.

All this analogue wholesomeness doesn't come cheaply, of course. The Leipzig keyboard sells for £899 + tax. If you can make do without the keyboard, the rack version retails for £350 less, although it offers one less LFO/VCA and no headphone jack. Rating: Seriously lust-worthy.

Link: Leipzig Keyboard Monosynth


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