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Music From A Stapler

Diego stapler

Staplers are not usually renowned for their musical capabilities. That didn't stop composer and sound designer Diego Stocco from taking his for a short musical interlude, however. We've covered some of his previous sound design adventures in the past, including the infamous Burning Piano incident.

This time, Diego was armed with nothing more sophisticated than his cheap blue plastic stapler. He showed remarkable restraint. Instead of chopping it in half with a hacksaw or frying the poor thing with a blowtorch, he simply popped the stapler open and teased a variety of twangs and sproings from its spring-loaded mechanism. Here's a peek at his virtuosic technique:

Once he had captured enough source material, Diego sat down with his computer for some serious sound mangling. He explains, "What you can do now was just impossible in the past without a full studio with expensive stuff.  The kind of sound design I did for this is pretty intense; there's granular, subtractive, and resampling synthesis involved, it's a lot of work." I think it was worth the effort:

Diego Stocco - Music From a Stapler. © 2008 Diego Stocco, All Rights Reserved.

Link: Visit Diego Stocco's Official Site


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