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Retro Video Game Puffy Stickers With A Naughty Surprise


Years and years ago I found this set of puffy video game stickers and a retro video game styled background board at a thrift store. I didn't look at the set very intently. It looked like something you'd buy in a grocery store.  The perforated plastic background makes it easy to reposition the puffy stickers... so I guess it's a sort of Presto Magix that's reusable.

Cop03It looked vaguely Taiwanese knock-offy so I bought it, but then it went into a box and I forgot about it for more than a decade. I ran across it recently, and thought again about my love of retro gaming culture and the chintzy goofiness that came with it. I thought about the lost art of puffy stickers, and how odd and cheap the art in this set is, and then... hello... I finally saw what I hadn't been seeing in all this time.

Take a close look at these stickers. It's not some fakey versions of video game characters we love... it's naked ladies being chased by police. Ladies who look a bit like an upside down Ziggy, but ladies nonetheless. There are a few video game standards – like bonus objects, which in this case are ladies' underwear. Some of the stickers are styled to look like game Misc_cops_ladiesgraphics, and others look like saucy greeting cards gone wrong. My guess is that it's from the early 80's at the latest, but then why style the stickers to look like 60's clip art?

We've had a lot of “what the hell” objects here on Retro Thing, but this is one of the "what the hell-iest". I've been wracking my brain for the intended audience, and the closest thing I can think of is that maybe it's a poorly thought out carnival prize. Clearly it's not for kids.. at least I hope it's not.  Dirty novelty gift? But what's the point? Is there some holiday or anniversary of dumpling-shaped women on the run from cops that look like Mr. Magoo? It seems like someone could have easily bought this as a gift for children – then had to answer a lot of awkward questions later.

Cop01Feel free to add your "what the hell" guesses to the comments section. Don't tell me that I'm the guardian of the last of this kind of thing on earth...

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