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Should We Hack Vintage Gadgets?

Agfa webcam

I just read Marc de Vinck's guide to converting a vintage camera into a webcam on Make. I was torn. On one hand, I was happy to see an old camera escape a forgotten corner of the attic to live a new life. However, it was painful to see him smash the lens with a hammer and screwdriver before gluing a cheap Logitech Webcam into its place.

After all, this isn't a masterful DIY project like building an analogue computer or arcade console -- it's arts and crafts taken to a Neanderthal level. Anyone can whack something with a brick and glue a mass-produced widget into the resulting hole.

75-year-old cameras are fairly uncommon. A few short years from now, Marc's retro webcam will be languishing in the landfill. Had this Agfa escaped the wrath of his hammer, it might have remained on earth for decades or centuries to come as a piece of photographic history.

Am I being overly sentimental? You tell me...


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