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Atomic Ray Gun Calendar - Set to Disintegrate

Atomic calendar

Brian Stillman writes, "A cohort and I just started Futurious Industries, and our first release is a 2009 Atomic Armory Calendar, featuring selections from my vintage ray gun collection. 12 months, 12 guns -- pretty straight forward. Toys include Hubley's Atomic Disintegrator, a Space Patrol Rocket Gun (in yellow, which was never released), the Buck Rogers XZ-38 Disintegrator Pistol from 1938, and the super rare Pyrotomic Disintegrator. (Yes, interstellar arms dealers were fond of disintegrating people...)

The calendar isn't much of a money-making venture. Rather, it's a chance for a couple certified space-toy geeks to have fun with their collection of ray guns (in a way that doesn't involve putting on a bubble helmet and running around New York's Central Park -- fun, but not recommended). It's also an opportunity for ray gun collectors to see some rare guns up close, and for design fans to get exposure to some pretty incredible mid-century futuristic industrial design. It's also a good tool for remembering people's birthdays."

Get your copy from the Atomic Armory web site for $14.99


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