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"Kasio Kristmas" Kranks Out The Kringle Krunk

Bless the Internet. It's 2am as I write this (I can hear Beverly Hillbillies on a UHF station in the other room), and just moments ago I got an email leading me to "Kasio Kristmas", an album promising the bleeps and bloops of vintage Casio gear. Wary of yet another interpretation of the same old holiday tunes, I flipped over to the website and found a collection of delightfully mutated carols of yore.

Check out the video to see just how extra demented these interpretations are - especially when you can see the pointy headed alien finger-tongue men playing those old keyboards. With more than a touch of Devo (and that's a good thing), vintage electronics, and oodles of out and out weirdness, these AA battery powered tunes re-electrify the holiday classics.

Pick up a copy of Kasio Kristmas on Amazon


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