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Record Collection Dividers For The Inept And Wealthy

LP dividers As I write this, I'm staring at my record collection. They're in a wall unit from Ikea, and if you've ever seen any of our Retro Thing TV videos, it's usually my background. I have records on shelves elsewhere, and I've got thick plastic dividers (obtained for next to nothing from some record store that was closing) between sections of LP's. Before the plastic, I carried on in the fine tradition of using cardboard to separate records.

See the evolution here? Cardboard to plastic to furniture. Like everyone else I started off with cardboard because it didn't cost anything, and the dividers were fun to decorate. Some dividers were tabbed with the alphabet, some with genres, and all were bedecked with crazy drawings and magazine cutouts. Normally I wouldn't even mention this remedial arts and crafts approach to sorting records, since it's a natural for anyone with more than a few dozen platters. So why, oh why have the designers at Suck UK created a set of very expensive cardboard dividers that have been "lovingly scuzzed up to look authentic"?

Comp2 For £20, Suck UK will send you a set of 30 record dividers that are decorated and worn to look as if they'd come from a record store. Perhaps they're better than cardboard, and perhaps these are the most smug/ironic record dividers ever, but 20 pounds is a heavy penalty to pay to be tagged as a poseur. Isn't the whole point of collecting vinyl to experience authentic and personal sound? To live the analog experience? Why fake it with these dividers?

It reminds of a product I saw at a fancy department store in the early 90's. When the grunge music movement loped its way through popular culture, the accompanying fashion consisted of discount shop flannels and T-shirts. The fancy schmancy store had worn-looking flannels with a (deep breath) sewn-in T-shirt dickey! Price: $90.

Rubik Suck UK has plenty of other fun things on their site that I could see really enjoying. Clever design does deserve a few extra bucks. It's the job of an artist to think up things that others haven't considered in an artistic sense, but come on... This is just an expensive penalty levied on record collectors who have some morbid fear of cutting up cardboard boxes and uncapping Sharpies.

You know what? Skip my complaining. Just send me just £18 and I'll get started "crafting" something similar for you.

Order a set from Suck UK and let me know how wrong I am.

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