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Affordable Skeleton Wristwatches

A certain western charm...

I get the urge to take apart each and every gadget that falls into my sweaty palms. It's an affliction that shows no signs of letting up, as my recently eviscerated and reassembled mobile phone will attest. However, I know better than to take my battered old chisel to a mechanical wristwatch. The tiny balance wheels and hairsprings tend to skitter halfway across the room at the slightest provocation. After a couple of disastrous encounters, I vowed never again to open the case of a working watch.

There is an elegant solution to my horological dilemma - a skeleton timepiece. These mechanical marvels reveal their inner secrets through transparent faces and crystal backs. They're often ridiculously expensive, though. That's why I was excited to discover the suspiciously affordable range of Stührling Original skeleton watches. While the company website alludes to a mysterious Swiss master watchmaking heritage, the timepieces are manufactured in Asia to keep prices low.

The Stührling Winchester Elite automatic retails for $249 on Amazon. The self-winding movement incorporates 20 jewels and the movement is hand engraved with blued steel screws. It's water resistant to a depth of 165 ft with a scratch-resistant sapphire front plate. Best of all, you can see what's going on inside without having to pry the thing open. It might not be a Swiss work of art, but it's good enough to bash around on the end of my arm.

Official site: Stührling Original Timepieces


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