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Jumbo Hostel: Spend The Night Onboard A Real 747

Watch that first step...  
Most airliners die ignominious deaths. Some are chopped to bits. Others are abandoned and forgotten, and an unfortunate few run into things at high speed and never fly again. This particular Boeing 747 entered service with Singapore Airlines in 1976. It spent a few years in Pan Am livery and finally with a Swedish leasing company before being mothballed at Arlanda Airport, just outside Stockholm.

That might have been the end of the story, had it not been for Swedish entrepreneur Oscar Dios, who decided to expand his business by parking the old jetliner just outside the airport perimeter and turning it into a hostel.
The Jumbo Hostel will cram 25 rooms with 85 beds into 3,750 square feet of floor space. Each 65 sq. ft room features bunk beds, overhead luggage compartments and a flat screen TV. The nose of the aircraft will house a reception desk and small cafeteria, while the old first class seating in the top bubble will become a conference room. Showers and toilets are located in the rear.

Nightly rates will range from 300 krona ($37) for a bed in a shared 4-person dorm to 3,300 krona ($410) for the Cockpit Suite (I'll keep the obvious jokes to myself) with panoramic view and two adjustable beds. Hostel staff will wear 1970s-style uniforms and the furnishings will evoke the burnt orange color scheme so prevalent in the jet set days.

Moving to its new home.
The hostel is scheduled to open on January 15, 2009, although it remains to be seen whether travelers will be willing to shell out their hard-earned kronabucks to sleep on a refurbished airliner after a day cooped up in dingy airport lounges and cramped hospitality class seats.

Jumbo Hostel: Spend The Night Onboard A Real 747 [thanks, Karen!]


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