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Polaroid Fanatics Gets Another Chance

The old plant in Enschede, The Netherlands
A group of former Polaroid employees has formed Impossible b.v., aiming to resuscitate Polaroid's Instant Integral film plant in the Netherlands. I sincerely hope they succeed, although I can't help but wonder if this is more of an emotional decision than a sound business move.

The difficulty is that many die-hard Polaroid users bought as much instant film as they could afford when word broke that production was going to cease in the summer of 2008. That means the company's most lucrative customers might not purchase as much as hoped. Factor in a rotten economy and a lack of new cameras, it promises to be a tough slog.

Still, the company intends to work with Ilford Photo and Harman Technology to bring an innovative new type of film to market by 2010, "produced with a streamlined modern setup." Godspeed, gentlemen.

Link: The Impossible Project [thanks, Will Pinkham!]


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