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Synth Pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey In New Music Video

Why are keytars always red?

Jean-Jacques Perrey has been making electronic music since at least the mid 50's. He was an early user of the Ondioline, a precursor to the modern synthesizer (few still exist today, though JJP still plays one in his rare live shows). He was one half of the duo that brought us the famous "The In Sounds From Way Out" LP that is considered the first ever mainstream electronic music (& musique concrète) album in 1966.

Piloting a UFO is probably easier than patching a Moog... In recent years he's been collaborating with Dana Countryman, energetic synth maestro and creator of the much-missed "Cool & Strange Music" magazine (I still have my fifth anniversary bumper sticker!). The pair have just released another CD called "Destination:Space", and you should really check out the accompanying music video. Created as a present for Perrey's 80th birthday (and the rest of us), the material was shot in four hours on a green-screen stage, with the rest added by space-age computer graphics. Don't be shy about turning up the sound - the stereo effects in the music are killer!

Did an ancient civilization leave behind these enigmatic tiny stuffed elephants?I don't want to spoil anything by saying too much more, except that the video will put a smile on your face. Can someone please remind music video producers that every once in a while they could try to make a project that's this much fun?

Watch Funky Little Space Girl music video
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Perry's early works in one thrifty CD set


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