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J-Corder Custom Reel-to-Reel Tape Decks

J-Corder Twilight Custom Deck
Jeff Jacobs has more than 35 years experience servicing and selling Technics, Sony, Pioneer and Marantz reel-to-reel tape decks. He now customizes vintage decks with the twin aims of achieving unbeatable sonic and visual appeal.

Each J-Corder restoration is unique and no two machines share exactly the same look. He starts by dismantling the deck and totally stripping the front panel. He then adds a stunning finish before refurbishing the electronics, upgrading the brake pads and AC cord and reassembling the unit into a masterpiece.


This kind of labor-intensive restoration doesn't come cheaply, of course. Expect to pay $4,995 for a unit like the Black Magic Custom Technics 1500 deck. It includes piano black side panels, a matching black front panel and a pair of ominously black VU meters. The machine also features black Technics reels and hubs to complement the look.

These machines are definitely aimed at audiophiles who require their equipment to look as good as it sounds. And - since audiophile taste can be exacting - Jeff can customize a reel-to-reel to your exact specifications. This was the first year that J-Corder exhibited at CES, and I hope to experience their stunning wares in person at future events. In the meantime, I'm off to buy a lottery ticket. One can always dream...

J-Corder Custom Reel-to-Reel Gallery


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