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Free 'Hal Spacejock' Books

Hal Spacejock

Allow me to introduce long-time RT reader Simon Haynes. In addition to his brilliant taste in blogs, Simon is the author of Australia's most popular sci-fi comedy space adventure book series - Hal Spacejock.

Hal's alter-ego Simon Hal is an inept interstellar trader who pilots his ship on a series of improbably amusing misadventures. In the first book, he teams up with Clunk the robot to deliver an awkwardly illegal cargo while outrunning a pesky debt collection robot. Not your typical day at the office.

Now, here's the best part. Simon knows you lot are cheap bastards who can't resist free stuff. He somehow convinced Freemantle Press to release the first title in the series as a free ebook. The giveaway has been a stupendous success - over 50,000 downloads so far.

Simon announced earlier this week that the other books in the series are now available in DRM-free ebook format for a mere AUS$5 each. To get the word out, he's willing to email a free ebook of Hal Spacejock Second Course - the second title in the series - to anyone who blogs or tweets about the release of the Hal Spacejock ebooks before the end of March 2009.

So, there you go. Two award-winning sci-fi comedy books, uninfested with DRM and yours for the taking. What are you waiting for?

Get a free copy of the first Hal Spacejock novel
How to score a free copy of Hal #2


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