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You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

Daisy air rifle kit
Over 9 million Daisy Red Ryder air rifles have been sold, making it the most popular and long-lived BB gun in the world. Simplicity is paramount - there are no laser sights, speed loading clips or CO2 canisters to fiddle with. Instead, the 177 caliber ammunition reservoir holds 650 BBs. Just pump and shoot.

Classic 1950s ad

Daisy air rifles were heavily advertised in the comic books of my childhood, although I could never convince my parents to purchase one for use within town limits. The Red Ryder is constructed from metal and wood, a rarity in the plastic age. With a muzzle velocity of only 280 fps, this isn't a high performance air rifle. However, it's quite accurate and more than sufficient for plinking tin cans and learning the basics of gun safety. An adjustable rear sight allows you to tweak aim as required, and a crossbolt safety is built in to keep you from shooting your eye out.

The best part? This classic kid's air rifle retails for less than $40.

Daisy Red Ryder Air Rifle


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