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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Cartable 8 Track Tape Player Is Not A Boom Box

Only takes up the whole of the nearest convenient tabletop.

Borg Warner is a name better known for car electronics and audio, but here's a product aimed at everyone. Who wouldn't want a portable 8 track tape player that doesn't play anything else? It assembles into this boombox-ish shape making it easy to transport, but it's not exactly an 8 track party on the road. The unit runs only from wall power - there is no battery hookup. That probably means that the Cartable 8 is probably going to call garage or patio home. You're not going to hoist this onto one shoulder, and groove to some hissy analog tunes out at the skate park.

Just small enough to be your carry-on luggage. You can play tapes while it's in "looks like a sewing machine mode" (speakers fire out the sides), but you can also detach the speakers for more stereo. Three knobs control stereo balance, track selection (via a trick button that you punch to pick), and also for cranking the volume. The Cartable 8 does get remarkably loud, though it's hard to judge the fidelity of the system. Is it the original carts I have that sound lousy, or the player?

No room for USB out. Also unfortunate is the decision to not include a radio, or an audio input (though there's a hidden audio output - you're gonna hook this up to a real stereo?). So in my case that means that I'm stuck listening to 8 tracks of Neil Diamond, 25 Polka Hits (Hits? When?), and a dirty joke cassette marked "XXX".

I can't find any record of the "Cartable 8 model 5000" online anywhere. I'm guessing that it's from the 70's - not only because of it's dingy hospital plastic livery, but the What a lovely French name...70's are when 8 tracks really thrived. Making it portable enough to lug around, and durable enough to use outside are all fine features. I only wish that there were a built-in radio for when everyone gets sick of those same half dozen "explosive hits" 8 tracks you brought to the picnic.


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