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Garbage Bag Maker Offers Wine Glasses On The Side

'That wine looks an awful lot like bourbon, sweetheart...'  
It's always interesting when an established brand decides to cast their net a little wider. It seems like every few years a consultant comes into the boardroom and advises that firm to diversify - and then a few years later another consultant comes in and insists they consolidate. The result is brands that are scattered int he marketplace, applied to products that might not be terribly related to that brand's core values...

I joked about this tendency to try to broaden brand influence when I was interviewed by The Brand Show a while back. I joked that brand names are being slung around and remixed so much, that it won't be long before we have Tidy Cat toothpaste. Let's hope that some slick consultant doesn't one day fly an idea that rotten, but someone really shellacked Mobil Chemical when convincing them to manufacture disposable wine glasses. So what fine brand is on this box of thrifty plastic vessels for an evening's sophisticated sipping? Hefty.Elegant AND disposable? Wow... pour me another one, Earl!

TV commercials used to chant the toughness of their famous plastic garbage bags - "Hefty, Hefty, Hefty". Probably not the quality paramount in wine glass selection. Sure, we live in a disposable culture, but is it too much to ask that we celebrate the vino that we serve our guests with a bit more panache? Then again, having a few plastic flutes on hand when ham-fisted drinkers show up with some Two Buck Chuck might keep Grandma's crystal safe for another generation.

Fortunately the box does recommend reusing the glasses, so that's at least one mark in their favor. Still I can't shake the Hefty name, even if they print in mauve to look classier. I feel like these glasses are tailor-made for me to have some elegant refreshment next time I take my trash down to the curb.

Sorry marketing consultants. Next time I'm having a snort of White Zin out of my plasti-glass, all I'll be thinking about is that the eventual destiny of my "crystal" will be... wait for it... a Hefty bag. Makes ya think, don't it?


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