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The Honda Super Cub Returns To The USA

Nate Dahl writes, "The Honda Super Cub may be the most-produced motorcycle in the world, having sold more than 60 million since it was introduced in 1958, but in spite of the fact that it's still going strong in Japan and other countries in the far-east, Honda hasn't offered the Super Cub for sale in the USA since 1983.

That's about to change, sort-of. San Yang Motorcycle of Taiwan is about to re-introduce the Super Cub to the American market this spring. The Symba is an updated rendition of the classic step-through Cub design, developed by San Yang over the 40 years they made the Super Cub in Taiwan under license from Honda.

Now that the company has gone independent, it is trying hard to develop its own brand presence in the world. In recent years it has signed up Carter Brothers as its distributor in the USA, and has introduced its popular line of scooters though a growing network of San Yang dealers across the country.

This year, encouraged by strong scooter sales and by the enthusiasm of its USA dealers regarding the potential popularity of the Super Cub design among American scooter and small-displacement motorcycle enthusiasts, San Yang began laying the groundwork for a Symba introduction to the American market.

They Symba features a 100cc 4-stroke engine paired with a 4-speed manual transmission with the classic Cub-style foot-actuated clutch/shifter mechanism (sometimes referred to as a 'semi-auto' transmission)."

The Symba hits the market this spring, priced at $2,598. For more details and photos, visit Team Symba and the official USA site.


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