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eBay: Beaulieu 6008S Super 8 Camera


The French Beaulieu 6008 S is one of the best Super 8 cameras ever made. These high-end devices were manufactured from 1979 -1983, right at the end of the Super 8 era. This particular unit includes a tack-sharp Schneider Kreuznach f/1.4 6-70mm zoom lens, as equipped from the factory.

The 6008 S includes a time-lapse intervalometer (see the auction description for potential issues), guillotine variable shutter, a wide range of frame rates from 4-56 fps, single frame mode (for stop-motion), macro capability, manual/auto focus, and manual/auto zoom.

The auction includes the original charger (220V European plug), earphone, box and manual remote. Of course, the best thing about Beaulieu cameras (apart from their exceptional image quality) is that professional service is still available.

My conclusion? This camera looks nice and might sell for less than its worth because of the glitchy time-lapse circuit.

Beaulieu 6008s high end super 8 camera, like new! [eBay]


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