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Making Vintage Games Look Like They Used To


A classic Atari game played on a modern LCD doesn't look quite right. The colors are too precise, the graphics too angular. There's no ghosting as the textured phosphorescent tube lags behind the on-screen action. The experience is almost sterile.

Dr. Ian Bogost, an Associate Professor at Georgia Tech, is on a quest to change that. He asked a group of CS seniors to simulate a number of CRT behaviors using an Atari VCS emulator. The result is strikingly realistic.

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Bogost identified four traits that give CRT displays their unique look: texture, afterimage, color bleed and noise. He explains, "Many of today's players may only experience Atari games in emulation. Indeed, many of my students may have little to no memory of CRT televisions at all. Given such factors, it seems even more important to improve the graphical accuracy of tools like [Atari VCS emulator] Stella.

[The students] are currently working with the maintainer of the free, open-source Stella emulator to patch their changes into the main build, where the effects will be available as a configurable option. Expect to see it there shortly, where hopefully it will benefit players, creators, educators, and archivists alike. Given that we'll be placing the code back into Stella's repository, I'm also hopeful that this software might be extended for use in other emulators for computer systems that used televisions as their primary output."

Students Make Atari Games Look Like Atari Again

Racing The Beam: Inside The Atari 2600 [co-authored by Dr. Bogost]
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