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Fuji Announces The End of Single-8 Movie Film

Fujica AX100 camera + film

Fuji Film has formally announced the end of Single-8 motion picture film. You have less than a year to purchase RT200N (tungsten balanced 200 ASA), which will be gone by May 2010. Fujichrome R25N (daylight balanced 25 ASA) will remain available until March 2012. Fuji's in-house processing service will continue until September 2013, giving you lots of time to capture your memories on this venerable vintage format.

Single-8 cartridge film was introduced in 1965 and was intended to compete with Kodak's famed Super 8 format. It didn't enjoy much success outside Japan, even though it was technically the better format. Unlike Super 8, it could be shot backwards and uses an in-camera metal film pressure plate that captures more stable footage than Kodak's plastic design.

Fuji Film Announces The End of Single-8 Movie Film [via OnSuper8]


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