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Can You Escape Fireball Island?

I've always been fond of board games, and tonight I was remembering some of the large games from the 60's. Lots of ambitious concepts in the era, and many giant sized 3D games. I remember an all plastic mountain game called King of the Hill. It was a 3D version of the classic "Snakes and Ladders" game, but played with real marbles and many random perils.Star Wars figures liked the hill, too.

As we chatted, a younger friend remembered a board game from the early 90's that sounded a bit similar, and it turned out to be Fireball Island. The game is a 3D environment for the playing pieces to explore. A draw of the "fireball" card entitled you to roll a red marble though the 3D terrain, hopefully knocking down your opponents. I found a copy of the commercial, and from the looks of it this game could be tremendously fun even for adults.

Clearly inspired by Indiana Jones (just take a look at the main font), the game promises a gaming adventure free of any electronic gimmickry and annoying sound effects. Just an actual bona-fide non-virtual experience. I really want to try it out, but with so many pieces & easily wrecked gameboard, it's difficut to find a complete set in good shape. Ebay has complete sets ringing in at quite a bit of money... nut there are many finished auctions showing that there are still bargains to be had out there.  In case you're wondering, yes that's a lot for a game that's not even 20 years old.  I guess it must be the most fun game ever, but it looks like I'll never get to try. I'd better just stick with the ol' King of the Hill.


A few more box shots & details of King of the Hill thanks to boardgamekeek.com
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