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Decorate Your Home With The Delicate Touch of Burlap

Easy to use, but not easy to live with.

When you're a person who spends a lot of time around a lot of old rotten junk... sorry, "Retro Things ™ "...  sometimes you encounter a mystery. For years I'd find all kinds of furniture with crusty gunk in unexpected places; lampshades, sides of desks, and the like. I figured that these must be the residue from some applique projects, or perhaps stickers? Turned out I was right, but who would dream that it would be burlap?  BURLAP?

The packaging should be a lot more sinister. I've written about all kinds of misguided home decor ideas (read my piece on paint-by-number paintings, or the picture frame post that I just about fomented a retro-revolt...). The idea here isn't bad on its own. "Peel & Pat" is simply a textured swatch of cloth with a peel & stick backing. Just snip out a shape, and smooth the cloth on. This would be great for decorating something that might be damaged by heavy glue, or perhaps you want to decorate a spot with difficult corners and curves. A fine idea, but I have to return to the question of using burlap.

Okay, the internet is snarky enough. Our readers don't come to Retro Thing just to watch me verbally thumb my nose at arts & crafts of the past. Perhaps I need to think of another tack. Let's see... burlap is really durable, so maybe it's a way to add a spot of decor to high traffic areas, or how about a great way to cheer up those dreary mechanic's overalls? Oh, just forget it. I can't do it. I can't come up with any reason for this to exist. I concede to you, O pre-packed sticky-back burlap.

The only real use I see for peel & stick burlap is a rapid in-field repair of your prized potato sack. Buying this just isn't going to get my creative juices flowing. Look - even the packaging is a lie.  "Colorful"? Not the crib!We're supposed to believe that unfriendly, itchy gravy-hued cloth is "colorful"? The projects suggested on the package seem delightful - and adding a spot of personalization onto even the most mundane thing can make trash into a treasure. But then I think of those same projects in tan burlap, and I just need to have a lie down.

To think that after all these years a little piece of stick-on tan burlap is what finally did me in. Burlap?

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