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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Happy 10th Birthday, Dreamcast!

Not quite the ultimate gaming system...

The Sega Dreamcast was launched in North America exactly 10 years ago - on 09.09.1999. It was the last console released by the company, even though it was the first sixth generation machine to hit the market (quickly followed by the XBox, PS2 and GameStation PlayCube, uh... GameCube). Sega stood out from the crowd by offering then-revolutionary network capability, thanks to a built-in 56 kbps modem.

The capable hardware was built around a 200 MHz Hitachi SH-4 processor with an on-die 128-bit vector graphics engine. The PowerVR graphics chip set was capable of pushing 7 million polygons/sec, while a Yamaha sound processor offered 64 channels of compressed sample playback. Games were released on a proprietary GD-ROM optical disc capable of storing more than 1 GB.

Even though a staggering 500,000 units were sold in North America within two weeks of its introduction, the Dreamcast didn't fare well the release of the much-anticipated Sony PlayStation 2 in October, 2000. Faced with lagging sales, Sega ended production in the spring of 2001 and withdrew from console development. That didn't mark the end of the Dreamcast platform, since Sega continued to release game titles in Japan for a few more years.

These days, the Dreamcast has a loyal following of homebrew and emulation enthusiasts. If you spot one selling cheap, it's worth owning.


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