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Ingmar Bergman's Super 8 Camera

Bergman's Canon 814

This Canon 814 Auto Zoom Super 8 camera belonged to legendary Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman. It hits the auction block on September 28, 2009, along with dozens of other items from his estate.

The camera is nothing special, but wouldn't you love to see the home movies he shot? They're probably fairly normal stuff, except for uncle Olaf's awkward habit of dressing up as the grim reaper and cutting the roast beef with a scythe. All kidding aside, film buffs might be interested in the set of 31 chess pieces that look suspiciously like those featured in The Seventh Seal. Poetically, the white king is missing.

The Canon 814 camera is expected to fetch between € 150 and € 200, including a leather case and Linhof tripod. Absentee bids are accepted for those unable to attend the auction at Bukowski's in Stockholm. Other movie cameras and projectors are up for bids, including a complete Arriflex set.

Ingmar Bergman's Canon 814 Auto Zoom [via OnSuper8]


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